All Types of Waterstops to Prevent Liquid Leaking

Waterstop plays an important role in waterproofing a concrete structure, especially joints, the weakest part which is liable to leakage of water or chemical liquids. So waterstops are designed as a fluid-tight diaphragm embedded in or running along the joints to solve these problems. Manufactured from various materials in a range of shapes and sizes, the waterstops are perfect for various types of applications as shown below:

  • Water and sewage disposal projects.
  • Liquid containments.
  • Dams, channels, tunnels and tanks.
  • Box culverts and locks.
  • Primary and secondary containments structures.
  • Bridges and decks abutments.
  • Wall and slabs.
  • Basements and foundations, etc.
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    Excellent Service

    For your specific needs, custom waterstops are available in our company. Don’t forget to enclose the drawing, standard and sizes for custom orders.

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    Various Types

    A range of waterstops in different materials, shapes, sizes and colors are suitable for a number of applications whether moving or non-moving joints.

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    Easy and Fast to Install

    All of our waterstops can be installed easily and fast. If you are not familiar with the installation method, we can also provide you the installation guidance as your request.

Hot Products
A roll of blue PVC waterstop without center bulb in sea blue color

PVC waterstop

PVC waterstops with high tensile strength and elasticity are designed for construction, expansion even capping joints to prevent any seepage of liquids.

A coil of black HDPE waterstop

HDPE Waterstop

HDPE waterstops, made of high density polyethylene material, feature high chemical resistance to fuels, hydrocarbons, acids, solvents and non-polar fluids.

A roll of red PZ strip waterstop

PZ Waterstop

PZ waterstops are hydrophilic strip sealing products which are mainly made of quality vulcanized rubber with smaller size yet high watertight properties.

EVA waterstop

EVA waterstop

EVA waterstop with corrosion resistance and excellent waterproof performance is used in structural joint of building foundation to prevent seepage.

Installation Method of Strip Waterstops

The details about installation method of strip waterstops which are made of bentonite, butyl rubber, mastic or hydrophilic vulcanizate rubber.

Rubber & PVC Waterstop Installation Method

The details about installation method of PVC waterstop, rubber waterstop, HDPE waterstop, TPV waterstop or other waterstops.