Rubber Waterstop Ring for Various Underground Constructions

Rubber waterstop rings

Rubber waterstop ring is a ring-shaped waterproof material made of macromolecule inorganic water-absorbing swelling materials and refined rubber. It is commonly sleeved in the middle of the bolt or strainer and embedded in the cast-in-place concrete wall to achieve great waterproof effects. As it expands when exposed to water and seals the gap, therefore, it is also known as swellable waterstop ring or swellable seal ring.

Features & benefits:

  • Simple structure and easy to construction.
  • Nontoxic, Corrosion resistance, reliable quality;
  • Speed up the construction progress, save labor, time and reduce the cost of raw materials.
  • Simple working principle and strong visibility.
  • Easy to be understood and accepted by the design, supervision, owner and construction parties.
  • Up to 300% volume expansion rate.
  • Reliable and durable, no leakage occurs during various construction process.

Physical Properties

Item Index
Volume expansion ratio ≥ 300%
Flow at high temperature ( 80 °C × 2 h) No flow
Low temperature test (-20 °C × 2 h) No fragile


  • Inner (outer) diameter: 14 (40), 16 (40), 18(40), 20 (45), 25 (50), 30 (60), 35 (60) mm;
  • Thickness: 10 mm.
  • Executive standard: GB/T18173.3-2002.

Diameter size


  • Carton packed with plastic film.
  • Carton size (L × W × H): 35 × 35 × 17 cm.
  • 1000 pcs/carton with inner diameter of 14, 16, 18, 20 mm.
  • 500 pcs/carton with inner diameter of 25, 30 mm.

Inner package

Outer package


It is mainly used in all kinds of underground buildings, basements, foundation works, tunnels, water conservancy, civil air defense works, water storage structures, municipal water supply and drainage works and other concrete construction that have waterproof requirements.


In the concrete formwork, there are many gaps between the split bolts and the surrounding concrete. Pressure water will inevitably seep into these gaps along the split bolt and cause water leakage. If a swellable waterstop ring is provided in the middle of the split bolt, when the water seeps into the gap, the waterstop ring will expand and fill the gap after expansion to achieve waterproof effects.

Installation diagram

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