How Steel-Edge Waterstop Works To Proof Liquids?

Steel-edge waterstop is a modification of traditional rubber waterstop with steel plate rings being inserted into the middle of vulcanized rubber. High liquid-tightness and high absorption of shear movements make the steel-edge waterstop a recommended choice for expansion, contraction joints and other construction fields with high pressure and structure variable.

Once the structure sedimentation, concrete shrinkage and creep occur, the rubber parts of steel-edge waterstops will be elongated and thin to adjust to these deformations without affecting the adhesion between steel plates and the rubber part, between steel plates and the surrounding concrete. In this way, the steel-edge waterstops are able to withstand greater tension and torsion than traditional waterstops; meanwhile, it effectively prevents concrete loosen, breaking off and the form of leaking cracks.

Steel edge waterstop with center edge.

Steel edge waterstop without center bulb.

Feature & benefits:

  • Quality EPDM rubber with high tensile strength.
  • Galvanized steel plate for high rust and corrosion resistance.
  • With punched holes on the steel plate for easy installation.
  • Adjustable to high movements and deformations.
  • High adhesion between the steel plates and the rubber.
  • Excellent fastness between the steel plates and surrounding concrete.
  • Custom types are welcomed.

Raw materials.

Production line.




  • A diagram of steel-edge waterstop
  • Water conservancy projects.
  • Dams, tunnels and channels.
  • Basements of high-rise building.
  • Slabs and wall junctions.
  • Duct piece joint of shield segment tunnel.
  • Construction, expansion and contraction joints.
  • Conduit joints and infrastructure deformation joints.
  • Underground engineering.

Steel edge waterstop for foundation waterstop.

Steel edge waterstop for boundary waterproof.


Steel edge waterstops can be made into multiple types and specifications. We list some common and sketch ups and specifications in the following, just refer to them and find the perfect one you like. Besides, we can custom special specs according to your requirements, just contact us for more information.

A diagram of steel-edge waterstop

Type Plan drawing L L1 L2 L3 T1 Thickness of steel plate
SEWST-1 The plan drawing of steel-edge waterstop SEWS-1 350 mm 40 mm 39 mm 38 mm 20 mm 0.8 mm
SEWST-2 The plan drawing of steel-edge waterstop SEWS-2 350 mm 40 mm - - 30 mm 0.8 mm
SEWST-3 The plan drawing of steel-edge waterstop SEWS-3 350 mm 40 mm 40 mm 35 mm 30 mm 0.8 mm
SEWST-4 The plan drawing of steel-edge waterstop SEWS-4 350 mm 40 mm 39 mm 38 mm 30 mm 0.8 mm
SEWST-5 The plan drawing of steel-edge waterstop SEWS-5 350 mm or 450 mm 40 mm 39 mm 38 mm 30 mm 0.8 mm
SEWST-6 The plan drawing of steel-edge waterstop SEWS-6 350 mm 40 mm - - 20 mm 0.8 mm

Other sizes:

Beside the above normal types, our company supplies a range of steel-edge rubber waterstop in a range of length and plate thickness to suit your specific needs.

Size Length Thickness of steel plate Thickness of flat rubber part
Rubber part Overall length
SEWSS-1 146 mm 300 mm 0.6 mm 6 mm
SEWSS-2 196 mm 350 mm 0.8 mm 8 mm
SEWSS-3 246 mm 400 mm 0.8 mm 10 mm
SEWSS-4 296 mm 450 mm 1.0 mm 10 mm
SEWSS-5 346 mm 500 mm 1.0 mm 12 mm


Physical properties B standard C standard
Hardness shore A 60 ± 5 60 ± 5
Tensile strength 2175 psi (min) 1740 psi (min)
Ultimate elongation 380% (min) 380% (min)
Permanent compression set 24 hours at 70°C 35% (max) 35% (max)
Permanent compression set 168 hours at 23°C 20% (max) 20% (max)
Brittle temperature -45°C (max) -45°C (max)
Tear strength 30 kN/m (min) 25 kN/m (min)
Galvanized steel plate and rubber adhesive (Mpa) R type damage 6 (min) 6 (min)
Ozone aging, 50 PPMM, 20%, 48 hours 2 level 2 level
Hot-air aging Hardness changes (shore A) 8 (max) 8 (max)
Tensile strength 12 (min) 12 (min)
Elongation at break 300% (min) 300% (min)
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