Different Types Of Waterstop Profiles

  • Ribbed flat

    • Applications: Ideal for construction joints with little or no movement.

    • Features: The ribs effectively enhance the bond strength between waterstop and surrounding concrete; meanwhile, it also improves water sealing capability of waterstops.

  • Ribbed with center bulb

    • Applications: Ideal for expansion, construction, control joints and other joints with shear movements.

    • Features: The center bulb will absorb the shear movements whether in lateral or transverse direction. Normally, the bigger the center bulbs are, the greater movements the waterstops will accommodate. Meanwhile, the ribs not only make the concrete and waterstop bonding together, but also provide a long fluid-flow path for water-proofing.

  • Ribbed with tear web

    • Applications: Ideal for expansion joints with large movements such as tank ring foundations.

    • Features: The tear web waterstops features its U-shaped center bulb which will tear when being subjected to large movements such as joint expansion and differential settlements. Additionally, the ribs effectively increases the contact surface between waterstop and concrete, therefore the waterstop can hold the surrounding concrete firmly than others without ribs.

  • Base seal

    • Applications: Ideal for construction, contraction, control and expansion joints flat pavement jobs. For example, they are suitable for runways, large containments slabs, concrete walls, backfilled retaining walls, etc.

    • Features: Base seal waterstop is easiest to install, as well as can be heated-welded by standard splicing iron.

  • Dumbbell

    • Applications: Ideal for construction joints and contraction joints where little or no movements are expected.

    • Features: With the largest and thickest profile, the dumbbell waterstops can be used in industrial applications. Meanwhile, it can be heat welded.

  • Dumbbell with center bulb

    • Applications: Ideal for construction, control and expansion joints, on grade joints at wall / slab junctions.

    • Features: Capable to withstand large scale of movements. Largest and thickest profiles make this waterstop ideal for industrial applications. Meanwhile, it also can be heat-welded by standard splicing iron.

  • Split waterstop

    • Applications: Split dumbbell: ideal for construction joints with little or no movements.
      Split ribbed: ideal for expansion moving joints on or below grade.

    • Features: With features similar to dumbbell and split ribbed waterstops.

  • Cap waterstop

    • Applications: Ideal for expansion joints with expansion boards.

    • Features: Acting as a fluid tight internal seal, the cap waterstop is long lasting and attractive to be installed on the top of expansion joints. Meanwhile, it efficiently accelerates the project schedules.

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