Solutions To Water Containment Needs - Bentonite Waterstops

Bentonite waterstop is a kind of hydrophilic water sealing product coming with incomparable durability and higher water absorption no less than 300%. Unlike traditional clay based waterstops, this one utilizes rubber as base material to form a controlled, moisture active sealant - that means the bentonite waterstop will not expand to point losing much of integrity even being washed away by water during continually expansion.

Black color bentonite strip waterstop.

Red color bentonite strip waterstop.

Features & benefits:

  • Quality sodium bentonite clay and rubber materials.
  • Moisture activated.
  • Strong, durable with high cost effectiveness.
  • High water absorption with excellent compression seal.
  • High expansion control ability for preserving its integrity.
  • Controlled internal pressure in surrounding concrete to avoid spalling and cracks.
  • Withstand high water pressure.
  • Capable to self-healing.
  • Easy and fast to transport and install.
  • Easy to joining.
  • Non toxic


  • Joints with limited movements.
  • Construction joints and sheet pile joints.
  • Water containment and reservoirs.
  • Water and sewage treatment.
  • Primary and secondary structures.
  • Manholes and elevator pits, manure pits
  • Tunnels, culverts, dams, water tanks and canals.
  • Pipe penetrations.
  • Swimming pools and parking garages.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Precast concrete structure.
  • Foundations and basements.
  • Slabs and king post.
  • Fast track projects


Shapes of bentonite waterstops


Physical properties Test method Result
Color - Black
Specific gravity ASTM D-71 1.35 ± 5%
Hydrocarbon content ASTM D-4 47% (min)
Volatile matter ASTM D-6 1% (max)
Penetration, cone at 77°F, 150 gm, 5 sec. ASTM D-217 40 mm ± 5%
Application temperature - -10°F to 125°F
Service temperature - -30°F to 180°F

Other bentonite waterstops for specific applications are also available in our company as shown follow:

Bentonite waterstop with expanded metal

Bentonite waterstop with expanded metal is a new type water sealing product. The added expanded steel mesh (or nylon mesh as your request) effectively enhances the tensile strength of the waterstop and improves the overall construction quality.

Bentonite waterstop with grouting pipe

The perfect match of bentonite waterstops and grouting pipes extremely improve the performance of the water-proofing capability. Once the leakage of water occurs, you can plug the crack through pouring chemical grout into the pipe, instead of slotting and drilling a hole on the construction surface.


15 mm × 20 mm, 20 mm × 30 mm, 20 mm × 50 mm, 30 mm × 50 mm, 10 mm × 40 mm or others as your request.


  • 15 mm × 20 mm and 20 mm × 30 mm: 25 meters / box
  • 30 mm × 50 mm: 10 meters / box

Your nominated types of packages are also available.

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