Single Component Polyurethane Sealant Has Strong Adhesion and Wide Use

One single component polyurethane sealant contains 600 ml and a box contains 20 sealants.

Single component polyurethane sealant, as known as a single component, hydrophilic, water activated, hydro active, expandable, waterstop, is also called single component polyurethane hydrophilic expansion waterproofing sealant. When in contact with water, the sealant expands and produces an expanding pressure. The pressure between the expanded sealant and the surrounding concrete structure prevents water penetration through the joint and provides a durable waterproofing solution.


Based on the physical and chemical properties of the polyurethane sealant, it has many advantages. Such as:

  • Expansion rate. The polyurethane sealant has a strong expansion capacity. It can expand to 220% or 300%, 400%, 500%, even 600% of its own volume.
  • Strong adhesion. It can used to steel, HDPE, PVC, and other common building materials, and it also effective to damp surfaces.
  • Good weather resistance. It has low temperature flexibility, and its service life of up to 15 to 20 years.
  • Environmentally non-toxic. It has good chemical resistance, and it tested can be resistant to hydrochloric acid, salt water, sodium carbonate, potassium hydroxide and other chemicals. In addition, it is safe and non-toxic when in contact with drinking water, belongs to environmentally friendly products.
  • Ease to use. It can be applied with a standard caulking gun.


Polyurethane sealant is widely used in construction, transportation and other industries. Such as the following usage:

  • Caulking agent. The polyurethane sealant is used as caulking agent in the construction of subways, tunnels, underground parkings and other projects.
  • Sealing waterproof. In building construction, it can play a role of sealing waterproof for doors and windows, exterior walls and other parts.
  • Water stop. It can be used as water stop when punctures are found in plumbing, sewer lines and other utility pipes.

The following pictures can visually show the application scenarios of sealant.

Polyurethane sealant can be applied to underground engineer waterproofing.

Polyurethane sealant plays an important role in building, paving, and exterior waterproof.

Polyurethane sealant can be used to stop water in hydraulic engineering when there are some leaks happen.

Product specifications

Material: Its main material of the caulk-applied hydro-swelling sealant is polyurethane prepolymers. Polyurethane prepolymers are formed by combining an excess of diisocyanate with polyol.

Table 1: Specification of Single Component Polyurethane Sealant
Appearance black Place of Origin Hebei, China
Net Weight 600 ml Brand Name JINGTONG
Material polyurethane prepolymers Shape long
Application manholes, culverts, cable ducts, pipes, and more Feature adhesion
Table 2: Technical Properties of Single Component Polyurethane Sealant
Projects Indicators
Solids ≥ 85%
Droop ≤ 2%
Dry Time ≤ 24 hrs
Low Temperature flexibility -20 °C, no cracks
Volume Swelling Ratio 220%, 300%, 400%, 500%, 600%
Long-term Soaking Volume Expansion Rate Retention ≥ 90%
Shelf Life 12 months
Corrosiveness non-corrosive
Executive standard JG/T 312-2011

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details. Packed with plastic bags and then on pallet.
  • Delivery Time. Shipped in 7 days after payment.

Other informations are equally important after you bought the polyurethane sealant.


  • Save in ventilated, dry places, avoid direct sunlight; prohibit contacting with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent, isolate heat source.
  • Do not press hardly.
  • The sealant should be fully sealed to store.

Polyurethane sealant is very convenient to use as it can be applied with a standard caulking gun.

Installation Guidelines

  1. Pretreatment. The product should be applied to a dust-free concrete surface.
  2. Incision. Please use a knife to cut off the corresponding part of the front end of the plastic nozzle, then pierce the film with a thin wire. And shake around the hole, please do not pierce repeatedly, otherwise it will make the film scraps mixed into the squeeze out of the plastic, affecting the construction quality.
  3. Conservation and curing. In order to ensure the adhesion of polyurethane sealant, please ensure enough conservation time. It will takes no more than 24 hours of sealant surface hardening after construction. You can get on the next concrete pouring when the sealant surface hardening completely reach the touch dry.
  4. Treatment after soaking. If it takes a long time from the construction of polyurethane sealant to the next pouring concrete, please pay attention to protect the sealant from soaking. If it is unlucky to be soaked and peeled off, you must repair it before pouring. The specific method of operation is: first use nails to fix the peeled sealant, remove the stagnant water, then remove the peeled sealant, and re-construction at last.
  5. Construction notes. Due to the swelling pressure created during expansion, and it must be installed at a minimum of 100 mm (4") from each side of the joint. In addition, if you need to extrude the sealant in different times, its lap length should be not less than 20 mm (1").

Health and Safety

  • It cannot eat.
  • Please keep away from your children or pets.
  • Please use a standard caulking gun when working. And ensure it do not touch the skin. You can wash thoroughly with soap and water in case one of the components in contact with the skin.
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