Reinforced Waterstops For Higher Strength

Waterstop with expansible strips

As your request, a range of reinforced waterstops such as waterstop with internal steel plate, waterstop with external steel bar, waterstop with swelling strips and your nominated others can be supplied by our company as shown below:

Waterstop with expansible strips

Expansible strips (red part as shown in the picture) extremely increase the adhesion between the waterstop and the surrounding concreted, meanwhile, it solves the problem of circular-leaking. So the waterstops with expansible strips are widely used as enhance anti-leaking products.


  • PVC / rubber / HDPE, TPV or other as your request.
  • Quality expansible strips for further water-proofing (suitable for all types of waterstops according to your requirements).


  • Construction joints.
  • Expansion and contraction joints, etc. Width: 200mm to 400. Thickness: 6 mm to 12 mm.

Structural representation:

Types of waterstop with expansible strips

Waterstop with expansible strips products

Waterstop with expansible strips prefabrications

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