PZ Waterstop - Smaller Size & Stronger Structure

A roll of red PZ strip waterstop

PZ strip waterstop

PZ waterstop is a new type hydrophilic watertight product manufactured of quality vulcanized rubber and other additives, which make it expansible with physical properties of rubber. Comparing with bentonite waterstop and butyl rubber waterstop, this one has following characters:

Features & benefits:

  • High watertight properties - once exposed to water, PZ waterstop will expand one to five times to fill all irregular surfaces, holes and spacing of surrounding concrete. Meanwhile, if the construction joints are displaced which will result in oversized gaps beyond elastic range of waterstops, traditional waterstop will lose its effect of water-proofing, but our PZ waterstop still performs great by continual swelling. 
  • Much stronger taking advantages of cross-linked chemical structure at the atomic level.
  • Smaller size but uncompromising water swelling property.
  • Eliminate elastic fatigue caused by excessive compression.
  • Excellent water resistance, chemical resistance and anti-aging property.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Slow expansion type is also available as your request.
Half of the PZ strip waterstop is soaked in water.

PZ strip watertop expansion test.

A piece of PZ strip waterstop lying beside of glass cup and one end of them is expanded by absorbing water

PZ strip waterstop - high water absorption property.

A coil of packed PZ waterstop on the box.

PZ strip waterstop before boxing

Several boxes of PZ strip waterstops are packed ontot the pallet.

PZ strip waterstop in pallet package.


  • Pipe penetration.
  • Water reservoirs.
  • Settling pond.
  • Deformation and concrete construction joints of civil engineering.
  • Water conservancy and hydropower projects, etc.


Physical properties PZ-150 PZ-250 PZ-400 PZ-600
Hardness (shore A) 42±7 42±7 45±7 48±7
Tensile strength 3.5 Mpa (min) 3.5 Mpa (min) 3 Mpa (min) 3 Mpa (min)
Elongation 450% (min) 450% (min) 350% (min) 350% (min)
Expansion rate 150% 250% 400% 600%
Repeated water immersion test Tensile strength 3 Mpa (min) 3 Mpa (min) 2 Mpa (min) 2 Mpa (min)
Elongation 350% (min) 350% (min) 250% (min) 250% (min)
Expansion rate 150% 250% 300% 500%
Low temperature bending(-20°C*2h) No crack No crack No crack No crack


  • Avoid exposing the PZ waterstops to moisture environments.
  • Clean, level and dry the surface of concrete before installation.

15 mm × 20 mm, 20 mm × 30 mm, 20 mm × 50 mm, 30 mm × 50 mm, 10 mm × 40 mm or others as your request.


  • 15 mm × 20 mm and 20 mm × 30 mm: 25 meters / box.
  • 30 mm × 50 mm: 10 meters / box.

Your nominated types of packages are also available.