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A roll of blue PVC waterstop without center bulb in sea blue color

PVC waterstop

PVC waterstops with high tensile strength and elasticity are designed for construction, expansion even capping joints to prevent any seepage of liquids.

A coil of black HDPE waterstop

HDPE Waterstop

HDPE waterstops, made of high density polyethylene material, feature high chemical resistance to fuels, hydrocarbons, acids, solvents and non-polar fluids.

EVA waterstop

EVA waterstop

EVA waterstop with corrosion resistance and excellent waterproof performance is used in structural joint of building foundation to prevent seepage.

A coil of black TPV waterstop with center bulb

TPV & TPER Waterstops

TPV waterstop is a fluid-tight diaphragm with excellent physical properties and high resistance against oils, chemical liquids, ozone and solvents, etc.

Two types of rubber waterstop, the first one is centerbulb type and the second is dumbbell type

Rubber Waterstop

SBR, neoprene and natural rubber waterstops in dumbbell or center bulb type, are supplied for the joints with high water pressure and spear movements.


Ω Type Inserted Rubber Waterstop

Ω type inserted rubber waterstop also called Ω type inserted rubber sealing with removable feature is easy to be installed and replaced in any constructions.

A piece of steel-edge waterstop

Steel-edge Waterstop

Steel-edge waterstop composed of quality EPDM rubber and galvanized steel plates, are capable to absorb high movements and deformations of joints.

A piece of stainless steel waterstop

Stainless Steel Waterstop

Stainless steel waterstops, made of quality 20 gauge stainless steel 316L materials, features high corrosion, chemical as well as high temperature resistance.

Products of waterstop with expansible strips

Reinforced Waterstops

A range of reinforced waterstops are made of quality PVC, HDPE or rubber materials with internal steel plates, external steel bars or expansible strips.

A roll of red PZ strip waterstop

PZ Waterstop

PZ waterstops are hydrophilic strip sealing products which are mainly made of quality vulcanized rubber with smaller size yet high watertight properties.

PN Unvulcanization Waterstop

PN Unvulcanization Waterstop

PN unvulcanization waterstop has less than 300% lower expansibility and better impermeability for underground constructions to prevent infiltration.

A roll of black bentonite strip waterstop

Bentonite Waterstop

Hydrophilic bentonite waterstops with high expansion control ability are economical moisture activated products for all types of water containment projects.

A coil of black butyl rubber waterstop with yellow separated paper

Butyl Rubber Waterstop

Butyl rubber waterstop is an excellent watertight product taking advantage of its expansion, self-control abilities and harsh temperature resistance.

A coil of black mastic strip waterstop with white separated paper

Mastic Waterstop

Mastic waterstop is a hydrophobic watertight product with high adhesion to surrounding dry concrete as well suitable for all types of weather and temperatures.

Tunnel Segment Gaskets

Tunnel Segment Gaskets

Tunnel segment gaskets with aging resistance, high compressive strength and good waterproof, can be used in subway, culvert and many underground constructions.

Butyl Seal Tape

Butyl Seal Tape

Butyl seal tape with high bond strength, corrosion resistance and weather resistance, is used for sealing, damping and waterproof in constructions and pipes.

Neutral Silicone Structural Adhesive Sealant

Neutral Silicone Structural Adhesive Sealant

Neutral silicone structural adhesive sealant with good strength, good adhesion and waterproof, is used in constructions, glass, ceramics and curtain wall.

Water-Swelling Sealant

Single Component Polyurethane Water-Swelling Sealant

Single component polyurethane water-swelling sealant with flexibility and good water stop effect is used in various construction joints and deformation seams.

Single Component Polyurethane Sealant

Single Component Polyurethane Sealant

The single component polyurethane sealant, constitutes by polyurethane prepolymers, is used for waterproofing and sealing in transportation and construction.

Two-component Polysulfide Sealant

Two-component Polysulfide Sealant

Two-component polysulfide sealant made up of liquid polysulfide rubber, is widely used to caulk and paste at metal, concrete, glass, pipeline and more.