Proper Waterstop Storage & Installation Ensure Great Waterproof Effect

Waterstops for construction engineering

Improper waterstop storage and installation will certainly affect the waterstop waterproof performance and lead to poor waterproof effects. What can we do to keep waterstops in good conditions? How to install them properly to achieve great waterproof effects?

To keep waterstops in good conditions, we shall ensure that:

  • Do not expose waterstops to the sun in the open air for a long time. Keep them away from raining. Do not contact with corrosive chemicals like oils, acids or alkalis.
  • Waterstops must be well packed during transportation and handling to avoid waterstops damage.
  • In the process of pouring concrete, sharp objects shall be prevented from puncturing waterstops and affecting their waterproof effect.
  • Waterstops must be reliably fixed during construction to avoid displacement during concrete pouring, and ensure waterstops are installed correctly in the concrete.
  • When positioning the waterstop, it shall not be overturned or wrapped.
  • The concrete must be fully vibrated before pouring to avoid poor combination of the waterstop and the concrete affecting the waterproof effect.
  • When fixing the waterstop, if perforation is needed, you can only drill holes at the edge of the waterstop and not to damage the effective parts of the waterstop.
  • If waterstops are required to be extended, you can choose an appropriate joint method and ensure that the joint is smooth and secure. For more information, please refer to waterstop installation guide.
  • Untreated waterstops are unaccepted.
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