Key Factors Affect Sealant Selection

Sealants offer a wide range of applications in both the commercial and residential construction markets. From tunnel to ground, choosing the right product is essential to ensuring safe and proper installation. Therefore, sealant selection is also very important to the whole construction work. Currently, there are two types of sealants on the market: single-component sealants and two-component sealants. generally, they play the same role in construction projects. However, the following factor determines how to choose sealant properly

Joint Size

Generally, if the joint size falls within 3/4", single-component sealant is a good choice.

If the joint size is greater than 3/4", two-component sealant is highly recommended. In addition, as two-component sealant shows great curing properties in larger joints, therefore, it is highly recommended for larger joints.

Application Needs

  • Single-component sealant

    Generally, single-component sealants are used in construction and transportation industries, for example:

    • Used for filling and sealing joints of doors, windows and glass.
    • Used for sealing the joints of highways, bridges, airport runways, etc.
    • Used for the installing and sealing of automobile windshields.

    Window seam sealing

    Automobile windshield sealing

  • Two-component sealant

    Two-component sealants are generally used in large projects, for example:

    • Used for sealing expansion joints and settlement joints of buildings, subways, tunnels, airport runways, bridges, railways, etc.
    • Used for sealing various expansion joints of sewage treatment projects, reservoirs, hydropower stations, retaining dams, drainage systems, etc.

    Railway track sealing

    Swimming pool sealing

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