How to Conduct Waterproof Closure to Avoid Water Leakage?

During the engineering construction, there are five reasons may cause the basement leakage including improper metal waterstop setting, improper pour strip concreting, improper waterproof material protection, poor through-wall pipe area sealing and improper outdoor grade waterproof closure height. Here, we’d like to discuss the water leakage arising from improper outdoor grade waterproof closure height.

Insufficient height, inadequate adhesion and uncompacted waterproof closure and nonstandard construction at the outdoor grade will lead to the engineering construction leakage. According to our analysis, waterproof closure leakage may arise from the following reasons.

  • During the basement exterior wall structural construction period, no waterproof closing slot is reserved or the reserved slot is rough and inconsistent, resulting in the waterproof closure cannot be compacted as required during the later construction.
  • If the height of the waterproof closure is insufficient, the outdoor grade shall be taken as the reference plane and move the waterproof closure upward in accordance with the design height. It may arise from the following two reasons.
  • The height of the landscape slope is not taken into consideration, resulting in insufficient waterproof climbing height.
  • The structure size of the waterproof climbing part does not meet the specified requirements.
  • For the engineering work left unfinished, such as car ramps, civil air defense/basement entrances and exits, the supervision is out of control, resulting in the waterproof closure not being implemented as required.

Insufficient height waterproof enclosure leakage

Ramp waterproof enclosure leakage

Waterproof enclosure cracking leakage

Light well waterproof enclosure leakage

All reasons mentioned above will lead to serious water leakage. We must take the following measures to address the water leakage.

  • Before conducting the exterior insulation layer/decoration layer construction, the compaction of the waterproof closure part shall be specially checked.
  • Before conducting the ground floor exterior wall structural construction, the exterior wall waterproof closing method shall be fully implemented, which includes the following key points:
  • It is recommended to reserve a 30 mm wide and 60 mm high waterproof closing slot for construction.
  • The height of the external wall waterproof closure shall not 500 mm lower than that of the outdoor grade.
  • For projects like villas and bungalows, attention shall be paid to the waterproof closure intersections, such as outdoor steps and light well closing parts.
  • It is strictly forbidden to close the basement exterior wall waterproof roll on the outer facade facing layer or the upper part of the non-structural structure layer.

Waterproof enclosure setting

Waterproof enclosure construction

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