Metallic Waterstops for Better Chemical and Heat Resistance

Metallic waterstop is generally made from galvanized steel, stainless steel and copper sheets. It is commonly used as a fluid-tight diaphragm that embedded in concrete structures for water retaining. It has high strength, great integrity and durability and can withstand high hydrostatic heads of water pressure against the joint. In addition, it gives excellent resistance to most corrosive or aggressive fluids leaking into the joints. Meanwhile, it is a good choice for ozone, corrosive even extremely elevated temperature environments.

To reduce the butt-welding during installation, a series of metallic waterstops including flat or vertical L, T and cross are available for all direction changes.

Stainless steel waterstop

Copper waterstop

Galvanized waterstop

Features & benefits:

  • High quality raw materials.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Broad spectrum corrosion resistance.
  • Extreme heat resistance.
  • Extreme cold resistance.
  • Superior ozone and weathering resistance.
  • Fire-proofing.


  • Ozone contractor structures.
  • Water treatments.
  • Bund wall joints.
  • Chemical industrials.

Stainless steel waterstop is easy to installed onto reinforcing bars.

Stainless steel waterstops are important components for building construction.

Stainless Steel Properties

Physical properties Test method Value
Tensile strength ASTM A-370 75,000 psi (515 Mpa)
Duct elongation in 2" ASTM A-370 60% (min)
Rockwell B hardness ASTM A-370 95 (max)
Yield strength ASTM A-370 30,000 psi (205 Mpa)


Metallic waterstop MW-01

Metallic waterstop MW-02

Metallic waterstop MW-03

Metallic waterstop MW-04

Metallic waterstop MW-05

Metallic waterstop MW-06

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