How to Seal Through-Wall Pipe Properly to Avoid Water Leakage?

During the engineering construction, there are five reasons may cause the basement leakage including improper metal waterstop setting, improper pour strip concreting, improper waterproof material protection, poor through-wall pipe area sealing and improper outdoor grade waterproof closure height. Here, we’d like to discuss the water leakage arising from poor through-wall pipe area sealing.

The basement through-wall pipe area is very likely to have water leakage due to poor sealing. According to our analysis, through-wall pipe area leakage may arise from the following reasons.

  • Re-drill arises from drawing changes or improper basement reserved collar.
  • Rigid materials are used to fill the gap between the pipeline and the casing/concrete wall and create a seepage channel after being stressed or shrinkage.
  • Excessive backfill soil settlement outside the wall leads to though-wall cable producing large displacement and deformation, tearing the sealing area and causing leakage.
  • Through-wall pipe sealing points are scattered and some points are easy to be neglected or forgot.

Improper through-wall pipe sealing leakage

Improper weak current through-wall pipe sealing leakage

Light well through-wall pipe leakage

Multiple through-wall pipe leakage

All reasons mentioned above will lead to serious water leakage. We must take the following measures to address the water leakage.

  • When embedding the casing, a seal ring must be added. Before closing the wall, check the installation firmness and the location accuracy of the embedded casing carefully.
  • Through-wall pipe area must be sealed with flexible waterproof materials like caulking ointment and foaming agent.
  • For the through-wall pipe sealing, all casings shall be numbered according to the unit project, checked and accepted one by one with written acceptance records.
  • The distance between the through-wall pipe and the inner wall corners and concave-convex parts shall be greater than 250 mm. The distance between adjacent pipelines shall be greater than 300 mm.
  • Recommended points for through-wall pipes are as shown below.
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