How to Avoid Water Leakage Arising From Improper Waterstop Setting?

During the engineering construction, there are five reasons may cause the basement leakage including improper metal waterstop setting, improper pour strip concreting, improper waterproof material protection, poor through-wall pipe area sealing and improper outdoor grade waterproof closure height. Here, we’d like to discuss the water leakage arising from improper metal waterstop setting.

During the installation, if the metal waterstop is not installed at the right place or improperly connected, it is likely to cause serious leakage at the bottom of the basement wall. According to our experience and analysis, it may arise from the following reasons.

  • Improper treatment of the metal waterstop welding seams at the overlapping part can easily cause hidden leakage.
  • At the corner of the wall, the metal waterstop crosses the stirrup and deviates from its original position easily, therefore, the metal waterstop weld joints in this area are prone to be solder skips or pervious to light.
  • The metal waterstop thickness fails to meet corresponding requirements. During the installation and welding process, it is easy to deform and deviate from the center.
  • The metal waterstop is not installed in the right direction.

Improper metal waterstop setting leakage

Floor structure guide wall leakage

Metal waterstop missing leakage

The reasons mentioned above will cause serious water leakage at the bottom of basement wall. We must take the following measures to address the water leakage.

  • The overlapping parts of the metal waterstop shall be fully welded on both sides, and the overlapping length shall be no less than 20 mm.
  • At the corner of the wall, L-type metal waterstop is recommended. At the corner of the wall, the stirrup can be disconnected to make an open hoop and welded to the metal waterstop.
  • The metal waterstop shall be arranged in the center and welded for fixing. Accessory small reinforcement is employed for auxiliary welding to avoid the direct welding of the metal waterstop and the main reinforcement.
  • During the installation, the wrapped surface of the metal waterstop shall be arranged towards the positive side.
  • The general thickness of metal waterstop ranges from 2 mm to 3 mm and 3 mm. is preferred.
  • If possible, rubber waterstop is a better choice as it has better waterproof performance than the metal waterstop.

Metal waterstop

Proper metal waterstop setting

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