Several Factors Affect Waterstop Selection

In the construction process, waterstop strips are widely used to prevent water leakage and seepage. There are many kinds of waterstop strips with different characteristics and performances on the market. Then how to choose a waterstop strip suitable for your project? You may start from the following aspects.

Application Selection

  • PZ swellable waterstop has certain strength and elasticity and can withstand certain external pressure. Therefore, it is widely used in various pipeline engineering, underground construction engineering, tunnel engineering, municipal water supply and drainage engineering, etc.
  • PN swellable waterstop has excellent adhesion and can be bent and twisted at will. It is widely used in deformation joints and construction joints of various construction structures and waterproof sealing of through-wall pipelines.

PZ swellable waterstop for walls

PZ swellable waterstop for tunnels

PN swellable waterstop for construction joints

PN swellable waterstop for watertight applications

Type Selection

When choosing the type of waterstop strip, you only need to determine whether your project requires waterstop strip having repeated expansion properties.

PZ swellable waterstop can expand repeatedly, and is commonly used in the construction joints where fast water sealing is required. It swells quickly once exposed to water to fill irregular surfaces and gaps. Moreover, it can withstand large contact pressure to avoid water leakage.

PN swellable waterstop cannot expand repeatedly. It swells slowly at low rate once exposed to water. When it expands after being exposed to water, it can automatically seal new tiny cracks caused by settlement. For completed projects, if there is water leakage in the gap, choose proper waterstop strip to seal the leakage.

Volume Expansion Rate

As the type of waterstop strips varies, their expansion rate varies as well. We can choose waterstop strip with appropriate volume expansion rate according to your engineering design requirements.

Item PZ Swellable Waterstop
Volume expansion rate 150 250 400 600
Item PN Swellable Waterstop
Volume expansion rate 150 220 300 500

Size Selection

PZ waterstop standard size (Unit: mm)
  • 10×40
  • 15×20
  • 20×30
  • 20×50
  • 30×50

*Other specifications can be customized upon request.

PN waterstop standard size (Unit: mm)
  • 10×20
  • 20×25
  • 30×40
  • 20×50

*Other specifications can be customized upon request.

If you are looking for waterstop strips that perfectly fit your projects, you may choose it from these aspects to avoid choosing improper waterstop strip. If you still have any questions, you can contact us directly. We are a professional waterstop strip manufacturer. In addition, we also offer waterstop, sealant and other waterproof products that can meet all your demands.

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