Waterstop Strip Installation Procedures and Matters Need Attention

Waterstop strip is a waterproof material widely used in various concrete construction joints of underground construction engineering, water conservancy engineering, traffic tunnel engineering, power plant cooling tower, municipal drainage projects to prevent water leakage. It has great weather resistance, outstanding aging resistance, excellent leakage prevention and corrosion resistance. During the building construction, waterstop strip installation is relatively simple. You may follow the following steps.

  1. Keep the joint surface that waterstop strip to be installed in dry and flat. Remove debris and dust on the surface before construction.
  2. Determine the installation position of waterstop strip. Apply a thin layer of sealant on the surface where the waterstop strip is to be placed and the back of the waterstop strip. Paste the waterstop strip when the sealant dries for a period or use high-strength anchors to fix it on the installation position.
  3. If the concrete surface is damp or uneven and leads to the sealant cannot fix the waterstop strip firmly, high-strength anchors may be employed for further fixation. In short, the waterstop strip must be in close contact with the concrete surface and fixed firmly to prevent the waterstop strip from separating from the surface and losing its impermeability.
  4. The butt joint shall be secured with a separate waterstop strip overlapped on each side by a minimum of 5 cm without any seam.
  5. When the waterstop strip is fixed firmly, tear off the release paper and pour the next concrete.
  6. In order to fix the waterstop strip firmly, the horizontal joints are fixed with high-strength steel nails every 1 m, and the vertical joints are fixed with high-strength steel nails every 0.5 m.

Sealant applying

Waterstop strip fixing

Waterstop strip bonding

Waterstop strip corner bonding

The waterstop strip installation is finished. The whole process is easy and simple. However, during the installation process, we must attach great importance to its installation and maintenance to achieve the best waterproof effect.

To this end, we may start from the following aspects.

  • Waterstop strip should not be exposed to the air or strong light for a long time.
  • The unevenness of waterstop strip shall be made flat in advance to ensure the flatness of the contact part between the concrete and waterstop strip.
  • Waterstop strip is lightweight and needs to be firmly fixed to avoid water leakage arising from waterstop strip floating dislocation in the water.
  • Waterstop strip shall be installed as the project advances, and there shall be no exposed parts after fixing.
  • We offer a wide range of waterstop strip specifications. You can choose corresponding waterstop strip specification according to your demands.

You can store and install waterstop strip according to the method mentioned above to achieve best waterproof performance. If you have any other questions, please contact us directly. We are a factory specialized in manufacturing a full range waterstop products. We have many years of experience and capable of solving all your problems.

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