Metallic Waterstop Installation Procedures

Stainless steel waterstop installation

In the box foundation or basement construction, the floor and the exterior wall panels are poured separately. Therefore, when pouring the wallboard concrete for the next time, a construction cold joint occurs and leads to leakage easily when the cold joint is located beneath the phreatic line. As a result, measures must be taken to prevent leakage. Placing the metallic waterstop is a prevailing method to achieve waterproof results.

Here we'd like to briefly introduce the installation procedures of the stainless steel waterstop.

  1. Punch holes on both sides of the stainless steel waterstop 40 mm away from the edge. The hole diameter shall be 10 mm with an interval of 1000 mm.
  2. Weld the reinforcement with a diameter of 10 mm to the positioning reinforcements. The position of the welded reinforcement shall bed coincided with the punched holes to make the welded reinforcement go through the punching holes exactly. Sleeve an expansible waterstop gasket (o-ring seal) onto the welded reinforcement. During the construction, the position of the stainless steel waterstop must be correct.
  3. Weld the reinforcement with a diameter of 12 mm to the exposed welded reinforcement to make sure the whole stainless steel waterstop is built in the reinforcement mesh firmly to achieve effective waterproof.
  4. When the above work is finished, pour the concrete.
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