All Types of Waterstops to Prevent Liquid Leaking

Waterstop plays an important role in waterproofing a concrete structure, especially joints, the weakest part which is liable to leakage of water or chemical liquids. So waterstops are designed as a fluid-tight diaphragm embedded in or running along the joints to solve these problems. Manufactured from various materials in a range of shapes and sizes, the waterstops are perfect for various types of applications as shown below:Two main styles of waterstops includes waterstop series and strip waterstop series

  • Water and sewage disposal projects.
  • Liquid containments.
  • Dams, channels, tunnels and tanks.
  • Box culverts and locks.
  • Primary and secondary containments structures.
  • Bridges and decks abutments.
  • Wall and slabs.
  • Basements and foundations, etc.

What types of waterstop can we supply?

Our company can supply two main ranges of watertight products - that are waterstop series and strip waterstop series as shown in the pictures. Waterstops series includes PVC, HDPE, TPV, rubber, steel-edge, stainless steel as well as reinforced waterstops. While, the PZ, bentonite, butyl rubber and mastic waterstops are the main compositions of strip waterstop series.

PVC waterstop, as the most common watertight type, features high tensile strength, elongation capability and high resistance to acids, ozone, alkalis, diesel oil, chlorinated water and other chemical liquids. Meanwhile, they will not discolor the concrete or support even produce electrolytic action with surrounding reinforcing steels.
HDPE waterstop is also a kind of extruded plastic watertight seal similar to PVC waterstop, however, this one comes with harder and stronger structure, higher abrasion ability as well as can withstand elevate and low temperatures. Additionally, high resistance to hydrocarbon, acids, oils and fuels makes it ideal for applications in fuel and hydrocarbon areas.
TPV & TPER waterstop is manufactured from recycled thermoplastic elastomeric rubber and plastic materials. Comparing with traditional PVC waterstop, this one has the characteristics of high resistance against temperature, weather as well as chemical liquids such as ketones, esters, glycols, alcohol, ozone, oils, solvents, hydrocarbon, etc.
Rubber waterstop is a hydrophobic water sealing products capable to withstand high water pressure and absorb high movements of concrete joints. Generally, SBR, neoprene rubber and natural rubber are the main materials for manufacture of rubber waterstops, but as your request, other materials are also available such as EPDM and silicone, etc.
Steel-edge waterstop is composed of central rubber part and steel plate rings which are inserted into the rubber. This special design allows the waterstop enable to subject to shear joint movements, structure sedimentation, concrete shrinkage and creeps, etc.
Stainless steel waterstop, coming with excellent corrosion resistance, prevents any passage of corrosive and aggressive fluids. Meanwhile, this waterstop is extremely resistant to fire, high temperature and ozone, so if you need waterstops for ozone contractor structures or chemical industries, this one is your best choice.
Reinforced waterstop is designed to meet specific needs of strength or water-proofing properties. As your requirements, waterstops can be reinforced with internal steel plates, external steel bars and expansible strips.
PZ waterstop is mainly composed of high quality vulcanizate rubber which makes it has physical properties of rubber in addition to expansible ability. With smaller size, the PZ waterstops come with excellent liquid resistance, stronger structure without elastic fatigue.
Bentonite waterstop, adds expansible bentonite to rubber base material to form a hydrophilic watertight products with water absorption no less than 300%. Meanwhile, it has great expansion control ability to avoid losing the integrity of strip waterstops.
Butyl rubber waterstop, as its name implies, is mainly composed of butyl rubber materials as well as other additives such as mastic or expanded clay. Also as a kind of hydrophilic waterstop, it will expand when exposed to water and other water solutions and form a permanent compression seal in non-moving joints.
Mastic waterstop, different from all above strip waterstops, is a hydrophobic self-component, self-sealing product that can withstand all types of weather and harsh temperatures.
A roll of blue PVC waterstop without center bulb in sea blue color
PVC waterstop

PVC waterstops with high tensile strength and elasticity are designed for construction, expansion even capping joints to prevent any seepage of liquids.

A coil of black HDPE waterstop
HDPE Waterstop

HDPE waterstops, made of high density polyethylene material, feature high chemical resistance to fuels, hydrocarbons, acids, solvents and non-polar fluids.

EVA waterstop
EVA waterstop

EVA waterstop with corrosion resistance and excellent waterproof performance is used in structural joint of building foundation to prevent seepage.

A coil of black TPV waterstop with center bulb
TPV & TPER Waterstops

TPV waterstop is a fluid-tight diaphragm with excellent physical properties and high resistance against oils, chemical liquids, ozone and solvents, etc.

Why choose us?

  • Excellent service:

    For your specific needs, custom waterstops are available in our company. Don't forget to enclose the drawing, standard and sizes for custom orders.
  • Various types

    A range of waterstops in different materials, shapes, sizes and colors are suitable for a number of applications whether moving or non-moving joints.
  • High quality & low price

    We select the best materials as our base materials of waterstops. Meanwhile, as one of the largest manufacturers of waterstops, we can purchase quality raw materials at the lowest price, which makes our products coming with more competitive price yet uncompromising quality than other suppliers.
  • Easy and fast to install

    All of our waterstops can be installed easily and fast. If you are not familiar with the installation method, we can also provide you the installation guidance as your request.
Installation Method of Strip Waterstops

The details about installation method of strip waterstops which are made of bentonite, butyl rubber, mastic or hydrophilic vulcanizate rubber.

Rubber & PVC Waterstop Installation Method

The details about installation method of PVC waterstop, rubber waterstop, HDPE waterstop, TPV waterstop or other waterstops.